Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide an environment of peace, love, and wellness through a cabin rental business in The Poconos, PA. Each accommodation and property is nestled into the heart of the Pocono Mountains allowing guests to recharge, rejuvenate, and reconnect with the most important things in life. Our 24/7 virtual concierge will provide an experience through which our guests can be pampered from a distance with services ranging from massages to guided tours, as well as discount deals with local businesses. The Cor Cabins experience provides each guest with the autonomy and privacy of their own personal cabin, combined with endless amenities and services provided by the concierge service. It is an experience in which guests can truly be pampered from a distance.

Our Concept

Cor Cabins is revolutionizing the vacation rental industry. In most cases, a vacation rental is a contractual agreement between a home owner and a vacationer. It can be a cold, impersonal experience that boils down to this: “Sign the rental agreement and don’t break anything or you’re losing the security deposit!” And after your payment is processed you’re pretty much on your own. Response times may not be ideal, questions may not be answered, and it can lead to a lackluster vacation experience.

What Cor Cabins, LLC has come to realize is that what people enjoy about vacation rentals is the autonomy and privacy the rental provides, and many others prefer the resort experience, especially due to the amenities and services resorts can provide such as a concierge. What Cor Cabins strives to accomplish is a combination of these two drastically different scenarios, in turn creating the ultimate vacation experience. It is in this way that we can give our guests the best of both worlds. Each guest that books a stay with Cor Cabins will have access to their own private cabin complete with all of the essentials and basic luxuries. The cabin can be arranged to function as a self catering environment where the guest takes care of themselves for the duration of the stay, or we can coordinate every aspect of their trip from arrival to departure. We can be as hands on as the guest would like or as hands off as the guest would like. For the guest who simply needs to shut their phone off and spend some time in private; one can bask in the peace and serenity of the cabin itself, soak in the hot tub, or enjoy a relaxing beverage as they take in the view of the surrounding property. They can be left totally alone to cater to themselves. While some may need time to sit in silence, reflect, or meditate, there are other individuals who enjoy hiking, kayaking, and other adventurous outdoor activities as a way to promote their own peace and wellness. At Cor Cabins, LLC any of this and more is possible! Within a short distance guests can enjoy all that the Pocono area has to offer, including skiing, fishing, boating, casinos, shopping, restaurants, and more!

Simply put, Cor Cabins, LLC allows our guests do as little as they want or as much as they want when booking their stay. When you book a stay with Cor Cabins, the property is your room and all of the Poconos becomes your resort; and navigating this resort and all it has to offer is made simple and easy through the use of our unique virtual concierge service.

Our Story

In Latin, the word “Cor” means heart. For us at Cor Cabins, LLC. this could not be more fitting as this is truly a business of the heart. We met while teaching and although it was enjoyable, both of us felt called to something more. In our  part time hours we sold real estate and tried to provide for our families. But still, there was a lack of fulfillment on what seemed to be an intangible level. As life long city dwellers and working the daily grind across multiple jobs and careers, the hustle and bustle was just at a breaking point. It’s right around that time that the thought of a little get away to a cabin in the woods popped up. Nature is a grounding force and being close to it is good for the soul. We have experienced first hand the impact that an environment beaming with nature can have on the human spirit. The more we connected and conversed about the cabin in the woods concept, the more we asked: how can we help provide for others what we know we have personally experienced when getting back to nature and our sense of wellness? In time, Cor Cabins was born. Finally, the world would have a true get away to a quiet, peaceful, and private cabin, with everything one could need right at their finger tips through the virtual concierge service. We want to help others get grounded and back to their own peace and wellness. Here’s wishing you heartfelt wellness!