Living and working in a large metropolitan center such as NYC began to take its toll by the time David and Matthew had started their own families and careers. It seemed like life had become a constant treadmill experience, with the speed and incline of that treadmill reaching a level that made it almost impossible to keep up. There was always so much to do, with seemingly never enough time. The most important things in life like friends, family, and peace of mind seemed to take a back seat to deadlines, due dates, and bill payments. There had to be more to this life than the steel, glass, and concrete of NYC that both David and Matthew had experienced for more than 30 years of their lives.

Both knew what had always brought them peace and a sense of being in times of unending responsibility and work schedules. A change of scenery was necessary to get grounded, reconnect, and rejuvenate what was becoming a depleted soul. An environment surrounded by nature was always the cure. It was the cool evening breeze after a slow summer sunset on the lake that would remind them both of how important it was to just be present in the moment. It was the smell of pine and birch, and the color bursts of fall foliage on mountain trails that could reconnect them to the source of all things. It was those experiences in an environment rooted in nature, peace, and solitude that spurred the creation of Cor Cabins, LLC.

After traveling with their families to vacation rentals for many years and experiencing first hand the power of an environment rooted in nature, David and Matthew came to realize that more could and should be done to enhance the experience for people who so desperately need to get away. So, starting in April 2014, a conversation over the fire pit blossomed into a burning desire to provide a grounding vacation experience, rooted in nature, that could provide a guest with anything their heart desired in order to allow them to regroup, reconnect, and get in touch with the most important things in life.

As it stands today, our story is far from finished, but we are so unbelievably grateful to be writing these next chapters with you as our guests and members of the Cor Cabins family!