The concept is quite simple. As a guest of Cor Cabins, you can do as little or as much as you like and we can be as involved or out of sight as you like. Do you want the key to the property and be left alone to cater to yourself for the duration of your stay? You got it! Do you want spa services, car service, and nightly turn down service? No problem! Why pay all that money to go to a resort when all you have is a tiny room with a stranger just a few inches through those paper-thin walls? Why not enjoy the privacy and full use of your own cabin, complete with any service or amenity you desire, and all for less than you would pay at the local resorts! In essence, what we have created for our guests is an environment where the entire property becomes your “room”, while all of the Poconos becomes your “resort”, and navigating all that this “resort” has to offer becomes easy by accessing the virtual concierge service which is there to help guests 24/7 with all of their vacation needs!

As a client of Cor Cabins consulting, we will provide high quality consulting gained through years of knowledge and experience. We can assist in every aspect of the vacation rental industry and help you reach your goals!