At Cor Cabins, LLC our mission is twofold.

I. Property Owners

Operating a vacation rental in the current market place is no small task. As a home owner, the process of operating a vacation rental can be time consuming, stressful, and chaotic in some cases. As a management company Cor Cabins, LLC takes all of the guess work out of the equation by streamlining everything for the home owner through the services we offer. Cor Cabins, LLC markets your property, builds long term customer relationships, and insures that your property is being operated in accordance with Pennsylvania state law. As the home owner, you can rest easy knowing that the day to day operations of your property are being handled by licensed real estate professionals. Cor Cabins, LLC assesses your property at the onset, prepares it for the rental market, collects all monies and payments from bookings, and even processes all of the taxes that are due to the State and/or local municipal county.  In an industry littered with nuances and legal pitfalls, Cor Cabins, LLC strives to protect their home owners while transforming their property into an income producing asset. As a consulting agency, Cor Cabins LLC will provide their client with expertise in the vacation rental space and assist in any aspect of a vacation rental.

II. Vacationers

Our mission is to combine what has traditionally been two very different types of vacation experiences. Many people enjoy the resort experience because of the personal service and having a concierge desk to assist them with planning their day, restocking towels, obtaining directions, or providing a recommendation on which local restaurant to visit. There are also those individuals who enjoy the privacy and autonomy that only a self-catering vacation rental can provide. Our mission is to combine the best of both of these experiences. Our guests can enjoy a private accommodation in the form of a vacation rental and, if they prefer, be left to cater to themselves. However, if a guest wants more, that is where the virtual concierge service comes into play. Our virtual concierge is available 24/7 to assist guests with whatever needs they may have. Want the fridge stocked with your favorites upon arrival? Or do you prefer to have meals catered and delivered? Or would you want a personal chef for the duration of your stay? Our concierge can provide anything and everything a guest may desire. Whether it be directions to local attractions, scheduling in house spa treatments, or needing a safety pin at 2 o’clock in the morning, the Cor Cabins Virtual Concierge can make it happen. Our mission is simply to pamper our guests from a distance and provide an environment of peace, love, and wellness. It is a one of a kind vacation experience that allows our guests to “Get Away, to Come Home!”